Dear Nicholas #2

One year old

Dear Nicholas,

This past weekend we celebrated your first birthday!  It was so much fun, it’s Tuesday and the decorations are still up because I cannot bear to take them down.  I printed out all the pictures your dad and I have taken during your first year of life and hung them all around our house.  From your first bath, to your first taste of sweet potatoes, I love being surrounded by those precious memories of you and life we now share together.

You are growing into a delightful child!  You are still my baby, but you are so much more than that now, you are a definitely a toddler, and I see glimpses of the little boy you are becoming every day.  You continue to resemble your dad, with your blue eyes, blonde hair, and that sweet smile.  I can also see some of Gubba in you, and Grandpa Havlik is in there as well.  We love being a little family, me, you and your dad.

Our life has settled into a nice routine now.  You go to day care a few days a week, and Grandpa and Grandma Havlik come stay with you on Wednesdays. You don’t like being dropped off at day care but you have fun once we leave, and even brought home your first craft for Easter.  Your dad and I miss you all day while we are at work so we make sure to have the time we spend together be quality.  We play with you, we laugh with you.  We build towers of blocks and you toddle over to knock them down.  Lately you even try to build your own towers.  We put the legos in the lego bucket and you take them all back out again.  You love to put things in something else, or play with the top of your bottle, taking it off and putting it back on again.

We eat dinner together every night. Now you mostly eat whatever we are having for dinner, and we can usually get you to try anything.  You love frozen vegetables, especially peas and green beans.  When you are done eating you throw your food off your tray to Bella, who feasts below.  Your dad and I work really hard not to laugh at that, but it is hilarious.

You are so much fun right now.  You love to play peekaboo when we are eating dinner, you put your own hands up and cover your face and wait for us to say ‘Where’s Nicholas?’ Then you laugh like crazy when you ‘reappear’.  You love to throw balls and will walk up and down the hallway throwing the soft baseball I got at a Cougars game when I was about 18.  I knew it would come in handy someday.

You have also started snuggling more.  We ask you for a hug and you lean in and touch your face to our face, or we ask for a kiss and you put your open mouth on our face.  It’s adorable and gross all at the same time. You have a clear love for me and your dad.

You say mama and dada, and a version of Bella that’s more like ay-ya, but it’s definitely an attempt.  You love to babble and squeal as you toddle around the house.  You are always trying to run everywhere and sometimes your feet go faster than your body and you take a tumble.  You like to take your socks off and then try to put them back on again, or play with the blue striped bear hat, or a pair of sunglasses.  You are so curious about everything around you.

We love you so much, Nicholas.  We love being parents, we love being a family.  We are so incredibly blessed by you, and we can’t wait to see what the next year holds.


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