Dear Nicholas #1

6 weeks old

Dear Nicholas,

The fog is clearing and I can finally put some thoughts together to remember this amazing time in our lives.

Tomorrow you will be 6 weeks old.

These six weeks have flown by, and in some ways are just a blur.  But I also feel that sense of completeness, like you were a piece of my heart I never new I was missing until I held you the day you were born.  That day was wonderful, giving birth to you was a beautiful, simple process that went so much faster than I expected.  Your dad and I truly experienced it together, he took care of me so perfectly the whole day.

You wouldn’t come out!  So on April 8, 2016, I was induced.  I joked that we had to evict you, you were so cozy in there!  But when you came out you were perfect, your little gaze latched on to us and you snuggled  on my chest.  Your dad and I didn’t cry much, I think we were more in disbelief that you were real, and here, and just so perfect.  It was an amazing moment to share, just the three of us.

Everyone loves you so much.  Our family- your family- finds you just as amazing as we do. You stayed with Grandma and Grandpa Havlik while your dad and I went to a movie with our friends Phil and Stacy last week.  It was a real date night for us, we saw the new Captain America movie (Maybe someday you can take over the comic book movie going duties for me!) and you stayed with Grandma and Grandpa.  It was the longest I have been away from you yet.  I wasn’t worried about you, I was more just wondering.   What were you doing, what did you think when you woke up and saw new faces taking care of you?  Turns out you really didn’t care! You were great for them and they loved having you. You are a very lucky boy with all the grandparents you are blessed with.

We are figuring you out, slowly…truth is sometimes your dad and I have no clue what to do with you!  You might be crying, and we just aren’t sure how to help you.  I guess that’s going to happen a lot as we learn to be parents!

You’re starting to make your ‘I’m going to wake up’ squeaks and grunts so I’m going to go check on you. I love listening to those crazy sounds!  And then when you open your eyes and realize there’s something to look at…your face lights up and melts my heart.

I love you, my sweet boy.


your mom


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