Dear Baby #3

27 Weeks

Dear baby,

You are a little jumping bean inside me now!  I can feel you moving around all the time.  I can even see my belly move with your kicks and pokes, especially after I eat.

Your dad painted your room this past weekend.  It was fun to watch him do his part to make you a place in our home.  He can’t feel you every moment like I do, and it’s nice to see him get excited about the things he can do to bond with you before you come.

I like to put his hand on my belly when you’re wiggling around so he can feel the little kicks…he doesn’t like me to push too hard because he’s afraid of squishing you.  He put his ear to my belly yesterday, trying to hear your heartbeat.  No luck there but you did kick him a few times!  It’s cute and fun for us to have these moments together.

We just had Christmas and New Year’s and now I am back to work until you come.  It’s getting more and more real now that the holidays are over, we are calling this time between Christmas and Spring Break the march toward the baby…next year the holidays will be so different!

You’re not making me crave anything fun, just citrus fruit and milk on occasion.  This makes me think you are going to be a healthy eater like your dad.  I still feel pretty good, sometimes my back hurts and I definitely have some raging heartburn at night.  It’s harder and harder for me to bend over or get off the couch because you are growing!  But overall I’ve enjoyed being pregnant, I love feeling your movements and I find myself just setting my hands on my belly often.

I just want you to know that I love my life and you are coming into the world at such a happy time for me and your dad.  We love you, we love each other, and we love the family we are building.  We appreciate how blessed we are each and every moment.

We are just so happy.


Your mom