Dear Baby #1

19 Weeks

Dear baby,

We get to see you again on Monday, and then a few days later we will know if you are a boy or a girl.  Right now you still seem like just a dream…still a hope for my life, that I might get to be your mom and get to love you as you grow.  I keep wondering if you will seem more real once I see you again, once I know if you are my son or my daughter.

The first few months you were with me I was so tired and nauseous I could barely do anything!  But now, you come with me wherever I go and we are soaking up life and enjoying every minute together.  I can feel you flickering around inside me as I teach 4th graders about math, or as I sweat and get our blood pumping at Pure Barre.  We are already having adventures together!

Part of the reason I want to write for you is so someday you will know how happy your dad and I are in this life we’ve built together.  It’s a pure happiness that begins with our love for each other and now includes our love for you.  Our journeys have been long to our life together.  I might write about some of that now, so that someday you will know our stories.  You will see that our lives are a testimony to the importance of faith, of patience, and most of all, of living with hope.

I love you already, baby.  Your dad and I love each other so much, and we can’t wait to meet you.


Your mom


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